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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Welcome to this Blog!

I am founder of Bridge Builders, Ltd., a Care Mangement and Guardianship agency. We provide many services in our community but our primary goal is to help our clients preserve their dignity while living as independently as they wish. Sometimes this is as simple as just being a local emergency contact and sometimes we are trying to figure out creative ways of keeping a client safe until they realize they need something different. We work on an as-needed basis and are on-call for our clients 24-hours a day as crises do not happen within the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM. We act as Durable Power of Attorney for those who do not have family or friends that are able to act in this capacity. I and one of my staff are Certified Professional Guardians in the State of Washington, qualifying us as a Certified Professional Guardian Agency. We also provide support services to family and friends who are acting in the capacity of Durable Power of Attorney or Guardian as these jobs can be extremely time consuming and daunting to the "lay" person. We are willing to work with the more challenging behaviors and have a fair amount of success with clients with whom others refuse to work.

My hope for this Blog is to assist those of you who are struggling with issues pertaining to parents and other loved ones in trying to find that balance between safety and independence.

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